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  • Owner/Loaner: Makerstation
  • Serial Number: 041719308
  • Make/Model: Ryobi BTS20R
  • Arrival Date: Aug 2017
  • Usability: {{{usagerestrictions}}}
  • Contact:
  • Where: Workshop



Tablesaw safety2.jpg

Table saws are typically the most dangerous tools in a work space.

DO NOT use a table saw without previous experience. Feel free to ask a member for help/training if you need to use a table saw and have never used one before.

DO NOT use for cross cuts use the Chop_Saw/Miter Saw for cross-cuts, The table saw is best suited for ripping pieces lengthwise Cross cuts may be made with Cross Cut Jig

Please watch the first few minutes of this safety video:

Always use a push stick and blade guard to keep fingers away/distance from the cutting blade.

DO NOT stand directly in front of, or behind the piece being cut. If the piece jams or the saw kicks back, it can launch the piece into a projectile. For more details, reference the Table Saw entry on or the equipment operating manual.

Tablesaw safety1.jpg Tablesaw safety4.jpg

Be sure to attach Vacuum hose during use inline


  • For general use by members.
  • Treat equipment as if it were your own and put away as or better than you found it.

Safety Poster

Tablesaw safety3.jpg