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List of Classes to be available at the MakerStation

General Info

Class Hosting Policy

Class Schedules

Below is a general list and info on classes hosted at the Maker Station makerspace. These classes will be scheduled and organized via our meetup events calendar. Classes are based both on requested interest and availability of member/instructors who are available to teach them.

  • If you are interested in attending a class listed below, but don't see an upcoming class on the meetup calendar; or do not see a class listed but would like to request one, please contact the Board of Directors
  • If you are interested on hosting a class or being an instructor, please review our Class Hosting Policy and contact the Board of Directors

3D Printing & Modeling

2D Drafting, Drawing, & Cutting

Computers & Microcontrollers (RaspberryPi/Arduino)

  • Intro to Arduino
  • Intro to Raspberry Pi
  • Intro to Python programming
  • Intro to Scratch
  • Intro to Tableau Software (data visualization/analytics/data science)
  • Intro to R statistical programming language
  • Intro to Excel
  • Intro to Excel Pivot Tables
  • Intro to Computer Science


  • Power Tools How-To: Table Saw, Band Saw, Chop/Meter Saw, Router, etc
  • Hand Tools How-To: Files, Rasps, Planers, Jig Saw, Coping Saw, Miter Saws, etc
  • Furniture refinishing

Metal Working

  • Metal Cutting
  • Welding
  • Forging