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  • Owner/Loaner: The Maker Station
  • Serial Number: N/A
  • Make/Model: PrintrBot Simple Metal Model 1403
  • Arrival Date: Feb 2018
  • Usability: Basic (Not Advanced) usage, this printer also used for traveling to events
  • Contact: #3D_Printing Channel on Slack
  • Where: 3D Printer Room


General Description space... This PrintrBot Simple Metal machine was graciously donated to the Station by our long time friend James Floyd Kelly. It is a nice basic, but robust printer, suitable for general purpose printing and members that are looking for basic no frills printing capability

Printrbot simple metal.jpg

General Specs

  • x 150 mm
  • y 150 mm
  • z 150 mm


  • For general use by members.
  • Treat equipment as if it were your own and put away as or better than you found it.


  • No firmware upgrades, leave as is
  • PLA material only

Basic Instructions

Add insructions, lists, links, videos as needed here

Advanced Operational Knowledge

There are some more advanced tasks that not everyone needs to know to do print, but needs to know to troubleshoot:

  1. Loading Filament
  2. Nozzle Jams


  • Keep loose hair and sleeves away from all moving parts.
  • Beware of hot parts.
  • Beware of dust, fumes, choking hazards.



  • x
  • y.